Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina store

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina store

In the desert-like landscape of Herzegovina you’ll find a wonderful oasis – the city of Mostar, beautifully settled on the banks of Neretva River between two high mountains. People from all over the word are drawn to this warmest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina not only because of its wonderful Mediterranean climate, but also to see the Old Bridge, a masterpiece of 16th-century Ottoman architecture. The bridge was destroyed during the war, but in 2004 it was reconstructed and included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. A genuine symbol of Mostar, this celebrated bridge forms a magnificent stone ark high over the water, connecting the Muslim and the Croat banks of the river.

Str. Jusovina b.b.

Kujundžiluk bb, 88000

+387 60 35 79 025

Opening hours
10:00- 16:30 
(in winter)
10:00- 22:00 (in summer)