Development Concept

As our brand spreads worldwide and opens boutiques in the most popular tourist locations including Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Kotor, Gibraltar, Split, Tallinn, Mostar, Zurich and Moscow, we offer our customers a unique development concept.

NAMFLEG development concept is based on establishing small local workshops, where our artisans create special collections, dedicated to each country, and perform jewelry-making master classes for the customers.

Our experienced master enamellers are always ready to share some secrets of making beautiful cloisonné enamel jewelry

By taking our master classes customers can learn a few exciting things, like how to prepare and apply enamel in several layers, fire it in a kiln at high temperatures of 800-900 °C and much more. This will allow to make enamel piece extremely durable, refined and intensely colored. It’s a unique chance to create enamel jewelry by your own hands.

In our workshops every customer has an opportunity to see the whole process of creation of NAMFLEG jewelry or watch dials, and appreciate our sophisticated technology and craftsmanship. This interactive format transforms shopping into a completely unique and fun experience that you will hardly get in any other fine jewelry boutique.

  • Worldwide brand
  • Local workshops all over Europe
  • Unique experience