Your Majesty will be pleased

Priceless Easter Faberge Eggs ordered by not only members of Russian royal family, but also by European royal families, have earned House of Faberge a world-renown name.

Carl Faberge kept each his future creation in secret and didn’t reveal it in advance even to tsar Nicholas II. «Your Majesty will be pleased», – he used to say, which always proved to be true.

Exceptional fantasy, magnificence of lustrous gold and silver coated with opaque and translucent enamels is a modern masterpiece presented to you by Namfleg. And we have no doubt that you will be pleased too.

Enamel Renaissance by Namfleg

The legacy of House of Faberge inspired Namfleg to create an exclusive collection of fine jewelry made of 18K gold and 925 sterling silver coated with cloisonné enamel. Paying tribute to traditions established by renowned Russian jeweler, we make all our jewelry entirely by hand. More than 50 highly skilled artisans, including the most talented Russian artists, enamellers and jewelers, have been creating Namfleg jewelry collections for 10 years.

Manufacture takes pride in having successfully revived traditions of such an important Russian decorative technique as enameling. Namfleg can be considered as important part of national heritage along with creations of Carl Faberge. 

Modern luxury

We in Namfleg profoundly believe that enamel hasn’t lost its importance even in 21st century. Rooted in ancient culture, this decorative technique meets all modern technical and style requirements.

As it was 4,000 years ago, enamel fascinated with a rich color palette, which turns Namfleg creations into something more than just a jewelry. It’s an organic material helping us to embody the most amazing ideas.

Cloisonné enamel jewelry is a modern luxury that you definitely can afford.

The best gift for your beloved one. No doubt.