All that glitters is not enamel

Nowadays enamel jewelry is very popular and many companies from different countries offer enamel collections. However, we live in the age of cheap factory-made goods and genuine hot enamel is usually replaced by cheaper artificial analogs produced in China. Such enamel doesn’t look very good and after wearing it develops cracks and starts to fade – to customer’s regret.

There are enamel jewelry producers in Europe, who tend to use cold white enamel with patterns applied using such industrial method as a pad stamping. Applied in such a way, the pattern is often rubbed away when contacting with other jewelry, for example, when two enamel rings are worn on adjacent fingers.

Poor quality. Low-grade silver. Cheap factory production. Gets rubbed off and fades.

You deserve the best.

Your choice is cloisonné enamel.

Your choice is Namfleg.