Fire enamel

Art of Magnificent Jewelry

Cloisonné enamel technique is the most sophisticated and laborious of all enamel techniques. The essence of cloisonné enamel is creating a unique pattern on the jewelry piece by soldering a hair-thin gold or silver wire.

This wire is bent by pliers repeating outlines applied by the artist. As a result, thinnest compartments («cloison» in French) arise on the surface of each piece. This technique makes enamel pattern remarkably dimensional, full of details and infinite number of shades.

Fire Enamel. Difficult, Long, Expensive.

Artisan applies grinded glass on silver or gold base, color by color. After applying each layer the piece is heated in kiln at 800 degrees Celsius. Then the piece is cooled and procedure repeats again, from 5 to 10 times, until required enamel hue and color depth are obtained.

(Firing temperature 800°C. 5-10 firing procedures)

Exclusive handmade 

Meticulous work on exclusive fire enamel jewelry piece takes a whole day. But the final result is definitely worth waiting.

This is what makes Namfleg unique among all other jewelry manufacturers – mechanization is completely eliminated and all operations are done entirely by hand. 

(5 working hours to create each piece. Entirely handmade) 

Only precious metals 

Fire enamel is applied only on precious metals, which is why all Namfleg jewelry is made of 18K gold or 925 sterling silver. Silver is coated with rhodium or 24K gold during electroplating process which protects metal from tarnishing and impacts unsurpassed brilliance.

Your family jewel. For ages.

After firing in kiln precious metal and enamel merge seamlessly together. Melted glass hardens forever, but when putting Namfleg jewelry piece on, it feels like enamel is still alive, airy and with striking deep color. It seems fragile, but this impression is deceptive – thanks to firing at high temperatures its beauty will last for ages.

Glass and metal – main jewelry components. Fade and scratch resistant