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Namfleg Men's Watch with Antique Dial


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Since NAMFLEG was founded in 2008 by a passionate watch collector and enthusiast, brand has been releasing extraordinary timepieces, and each of them was unique in its own way.

This collection pays homage to the beauty of the 18-19th century pocket watches. We took some one-of-a-kind dials from the antique pocket watches and integrated them into a wristwatch case. Equipped by a contemporary self-winding Swiss-made movement, NAMFLEG timepieces embody the luxury steampunk style and true exclusivity.

This watch contains a genuine antique dial taken from the verge fusee pocket watch produced in 1770s by the watch manufacturer John Ellicott in London. Hand-engraved silver dial decorated with champlevé enamel has original blued steel hands.

Movement: ETA Swiss-made

Type: automatic mechanical

Functions: Hours, minutes

Case: titanium


Crystal: Sapphire

Strap: alligator leather

Namfleg ring sizes are equivalent to the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters. Choose a ring you already own and measure the inside diameter of your ring with a ruler. Now that you know the inside diameter of your ring in millimeters, you can easily choose a right Namfleg size for you. Keep in mind that rings with a wide band sit more tightly on a finger than thin ones. Therefore, their circumference should be slightly larger than that of their skinny counterparts.

How to Clean and Care for Your Silver Jewelry

It's not uncommon for sterling silver jewelry to go through an oxidizing process. Humidity, oils from your skin, perfumes, lotions, hair products and other substances cause silver jewelry to tarnish.

If not cared for properly, even high-end sterling silver jewelry can appear a little discolored over time. This occurs when oxygen or sulfur makes contact with silver, which can tarnish its luster.

To ensure your Namfleg jewelry continues to look as good as new, we're offering tips on how to clean sterling silver.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Silver

For a fast, convenient way to clean sterling silver jewelry, we recommend using Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Silver. It quickly removes tarnish and restores shine and brilliance to sterling silver jewelry. Just dip a piece of jewelry for 10 seconds, rinse and dry with a lint free cloth. It’s that simple to use.

How to use

1. Carefully cut the seal from the jar. The solution has a strong odour but that is the nature

2. Place only one piece of jewelry in the dip tray. Lower dip tray into cleaning solution for up to 10 seconds. It is not necessary to soak for any extended period of time.

3. Remove dip tray from jar and rinse thoroughly in room temperature water.

4. Dry jewelry with a lint free cloth.

5. If you have multiple pieces of silver it is best to wait a few minutes before submerging the next piece. Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaners are available online at Walmart and Amazon.